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John of God


João de Deus is a man born in a simple family that has problems like any ordinary man. It has defects, limitations and is able to make mistakes and suffer like any other human being. According to the medium, if he were perfect, he would not be in this mission on earth.

João Teixeira de Faria was born in Cachoeira da Fumaça in the state of Goiás, on June 24th, 1942, the youngest of six children.

João de Deus

Living in Itapaci, also in the state of Goiás, he studied up to the equivalent to the second year of elementary school and left school because of the need to work to support his family. The medium never completed his studies, and can’t read or write until today.

The first psychic manifestation that he recalls occurred when he was nine years old while visiting family in the city of Nova Ponte - GO with her mother. On a sunny day, John had a premonition that a big storm was approaching, and began pointing houses (including the house of his brother) and say that those houses would fall or be roofless. He pulled his mother by the arm for them to leave before the storm. Although not convinced, John's mother took up with him in the house of some friends. Just as he had predicted, the storm destroyed about forty houses of the small city.

The next morning, John returned to the river to talk again with the woman, but only found a light and heard a voice calling out his name. She asked him to go to spiritual center Christ the Redeemer.

Upon arriving at the spiritual center, the director came over and asked if his name was "João Teixeira de Faria" and said that he was been expected. At that moment the medium pass out, regaining consciousness hours later. There was a large group of people surrounding him and the person explained that he had incorporated the body King Solomon and cured about fifty people.

Even confused, João de Deus accepted the invitation to spend the night in the house of the director of the Spiritual Center and returned on the next day to work, explaining that he had no knowledge of spiritual nor medical practices.

In the following months, the medium John dedicated his life to healing. His first psychic experience was sixteen years old.

During the subsequent years, John was persecuted and prosecuted for illegal practice of medicine. During the military dictatorship, he went to Brasilia to work as a tailor for the army. There, he held healing work and gained the protection of the military.

João de Deus worked, among other things, as a tailor, mining and also in pottery. Now lives in Annapolis - GO, a city that is located 40 km from Abadiania, where in 1976 he founded the Dom Inacio’s House.


Message of Motivation

João de Deus foto

"I'm just a man;

More than thirty five years installed the Casa de Dom Inacio in this sacred soil Abadiânia, this blessed land where God has placed me to fulfill my mission.

I do not heal anyone. The healer is God who, in his infinite kindness, allows the entities (good spirits) watching me provide healing and comfort to my brothers, while I am only an instrument in his divine hands.

I prospector and I know that the precious stone to show its beauty, to suffer the wear of the cutting, and before polished, who does not know does not give you any value.

Each son of God is a rare diamond of creation, but that needs to be polished with pain and suffering, to realize their superior destination.

The world is going through major changes, thereby generating great suffering, but our strength and sustainability lie in the confidence in the Supreme Being, who is our God.

And finally, I take as a message Christ's words in John's (chapter 15, v. 12): 'My command is this: that you love one another as I have loved you.' "


Médium João Teixeira de Faria

(62) 3343-1254
Av. Frontal, n.º 823, Abadiânia - GO, CEP 72.940-000